On September 21, 2000, my son Ben took me to the Lancaster AMTRAK Station
from where I trained to Philadelphia 30th Street, then transferred to a SEPTA train bound for
Philadelphia Airport.
From there I flew Lufthansa first to Frankfurt, then on to Amsterdam
(cost of return ticket: $425).
Here my sister Carla picked me up and I stayed with Hans and Carla in Reeuwijk.
I ordered a senior discount ticket from the Dutch Railroads and made various one-day trips.
I also attended the 50th Anniversary of our installation in 1950 as naval cadets ("adelborsten")
at the Royal Netherlands Naval Academy ("KIM").
Below is a record of some of the digital photographs I took with my Olympus D-400 Zoom camera.
Each page contains a series of thumbnails; clicking on a particular one will show the enlargement.

50th Anniversary Reunion, KIM
Leiden, October 3, 2000 + Links to Leiden
Leiden, Parade on October 3, 2000 - to commemorate the Relief of Leiden from the Spanish in 1574
Gouda, October 10, 2000
Middelburg, Z.H., October 7, 2000
Amsterdam, October 9, 2000
Reeuwijk, October, 2000
Zutphen, October 14/15, 2000
Eindhoven to Utrecht, October 15, 2000
Venlo,October 15, 2000

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