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Amsterdam1.jpg Amsterdam2Damrak.jpg Amsterdam3Westertoren.jpg Amsterdam4.jpg Amsterdam5Jordaan.jpg Amsterdam6.jpg
Amsterdam7NweJordaan.jpg Amsterdam8NweJordaan.jpg Amsterdam9SchoolinNweJordaan.jpg AmsterdamXIII-Jordaansweatershop.jpg AmsterdamXIIrenewalscaffolding.jpg AmsterdamXIOSHA.jpg
AmsterdamXIVwoonschuiten.jpg AmsterdamXIXHaarlemmermeerstr.jpg AmsterdamXSchoolinNweJordaan.jpg AmsterdamXVIHeildesVolkshijsbalk.jpg AmsterdamXVIIHaarlemmermeerstrWhale.jpg AmsterdamXVIIIHaarlemmermeerstrBoegbeeld.jpg
AmsterdamXVophaalbrug.jpg AmsterdamXXIHaarlemmermeerstr.jpg AmsterdamXXIIHashtrade.jpg AmsterdamXXIIIsluisje.jpg AmsterdamXXsluisje.jpg AmsterdamXXVshop.jpg


Visit Amsterdam!
Hotspots Amsterdam
The Hip Guide to Amsterdam
Maps of Amsterdam from the Hip Guide
"Channels" Map of Amsterdam
Amsterdam Hotel Guide
Restaurants in Amsterdam arranged by ethnic cuisines! Courtesy Webtourist
SAIL 2000 Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam
Library of the University of Amsterdam - - mixed English-Dutch
The "Vrije Universiteit" (Free University) of Amsterdam
Hogeschool van Amsterdam (University of Professional Education)
Amsterdam Internet Exchange

Amsterdam,City of Culture!
Amsterdam Heritage
Summary of Museums (Musea) in Amsterdam - - Courtesy Webtourist
Explore the Art of the (42) Amsterdam Museums
Municipal Museum of Modern Art ("Stedelijk Museum")
Museum of the Tropics
Netherlands Maritime Museum
Rembrandt's "Nightwatch"
Rembrandt's "Nightwatch" animated
if this copy does not work, please find it on the link above

The Artis ZOO - - NOTE: also click on "HomePage" - arrow top right
The Artis Aquarium - -in Dutch,so what ?

Walks in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Public Transport Information
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Port of Amsterdam
Geography of the Netherlands
Random TRIPOD HomePage about Amsterdam

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